Feliz Navidad! Latin Holiday Music Playlist

Dec 23, 10 Feliz Navidad! Latin Holiday Music Playlist

The Right Red For Every Latina

This has been a big year for us at LaCosmopolatina, and we’d like to thank you, our readers,for making it so special. We know you’re super busy and your time is precious, which is why we work hard to provide you with valuable content. We hope we’ve done our job well this year, and in 2011 we will continue to try our best to remain your most trusted source of indispensable information. Thank you for your loyalty and support; and because we know nothing spells par-tay in the Latin world like the month of December, we leave you with a playlist of Latin Christmas songs that will get any party started faster than you can say “Llego el Niño Jesus!”. Have a very Feliz Navidad, Cosmopolatinas!

1. Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

2. Campana sobre campana – Flo-rida

3. Los Peces En El Río – Los Niños de Navidad

4. ¡Ay! Del Chiquirritín – Cofradia Del Buen Tunar Antiguos Tunos De Barcelona

5. Ande Ande Ande La Marimorena – Christmas Latino

6. Canta Rie Bebe – Los Rumberos

7. Canta, Ríe Y Bebe – Vanessa y Los Punto Com

8. Cascabel – Yomo Toro

9. Blanca Navidad – Soul Sanet

10. Noche Sagrada – University Of Southern California Sirens

11. Navidad, Navidad – Navidad Flamenca

12. Al Mundo Paz – Lucia Parker

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