Fashion To Look Good And Feel Good

May 31, 11 Fashion To Look Good And Feel Good

If you are a fan of high fashion with a conscience, then get ready to fall in love with the couture of one Amelia Toro. This Colombian designer is passionate about supporting and promoting the work of indigenous and urban Latin American artists. To this end, she has integrated their craft into her designs in an effort to perpetuate the rich heritage of our Hispanic culture; our colors, textures and techniques. With the help of the Kuna people who inhabit el Darien, the border zone between Panama and Colombia, Amelia created a collection inspired by their traditions utilizing animal and geometric figure motifs. She even incorporated a technique called ‘mola’, which involves hand-sewn quilting and layering of cotton fabric, by using it with natural fibers such as silk, wool and crepé. Toro employs women only, mostly indigenous women and single mothers she has extended a hand to in order to help them rise above poverty. But don’t think her designs are just a mix of ethnic prints; there is variety involved (she even has a collection based on the characters from Alice in Wonderland. So pretty!) Her clothes are at their essence sensual, feminine and comfortable. Toro’s work is truly admirable and here at LaCosmopolatina we say, hats off to you, Amelia!



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