Fall Fashions

Oct 10, 11 Fall Fashions

One of the coolest things about the changing seasons is the also-changing fashions. We get to try new trends or revive some old ones we were hoping would make a comeback (we’re firm believers in the old adage ‘guardelo que la moda vuelve’ which is why we’re still hanging on to our Spice Girl-style platform sneakers). The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go crazy and try every single new style out there. Not all of them will suit your figure or personality, so only buy what you really like and know for a fact you will wear.  Before you even do that, check your own closet for any items you may already own. As for what is actually going to be hot this season, we asked Latina fashion expert Martha Juanita Nieto from Valentino to clue us in, and here are her top picks:

  • Polka dots: they make any outfit come alive and look joyful, which is why they are being brought back by designers like Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenberg. Try to only incorporate one be-dotted piece into your outfit to achieve a look that’s more haute couture runway and less Minnie Mouse.
  • One item that will be everywhere this Fall is the leather skirt, so find one that fits great because it will be a definite staple in your wardrobe.
  • Who says tuxedos are just for men? With the sexy pieces created by Michael Kors, Balmain, Jason Wu and Givenchy you can rock one better that any dude out there.
  • Heavy knits are great for the chilly weather and are a perfect balance to delicate chiffon dresses and skirts.
  • Let the Latina in you shine in bright colors. Again, try to stick to just one piece, preferably an accessory like a bag, scarf or hat.
  • Earth-tone metallic nail polishes. Need we say more? Loving it!
  • Finally, no fashion list would be complete without shoes. The hottest footwear this fall are sexy and chic reptile shoes. Wait, no Spice Girl sneakers?

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