Fabulous Accessories At Your Fingertips

Dec 27, 10 Fabulous Accessories At Your Fingertips

Any good fashionista knows that accessories can make or break an outfit. And great accessories can sometimes be hard to find, so you keep pretty much the same ones in permanent rotation. You’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of your Mexican silver rings and Colombian emerald earrings, so how about a change? Christian Sirianos’ new site, Send The Trend, has an amazing collection of jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and other accessories than can be yours every month for only $29.95. That’s the cost of every accessory and shipping is gratis! You’re not obligated to buy one every month if you don’t want, and you always have the option of buying as many as you like if the shopaholic in you simply can’t decide between all the fabulous pieces. You even receive personalized suggestions based on the quick survey you take when you register. These are all exclusive items not found anywhere else, so this is an opportunity not to be missed. Hurry up and jump on this faster than kids on a piñata because all the good accessories are gone fast!”

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