Emilio Sosa: Spring into Fall Fashion

Feb 20, 12 Emilio Sosa: Spring into Fall Fashion

You’re sexy and you know it. You also like to be way ahead of the game when it comes to your look, including Fall 2012 fashion. Sure, it is almost Spring, but who cares, right?   Fashion above everything else (well, almost). That’s why we were presente at Emilio Sosa’s (a Project Run Way favorite and a Dominicano. Que orgullo!)  ESOSA, Inc. fashion show, sponsored by Ford, checking out his new Autumn collection during Fashion Week.

Forget the traditional black, professional uniform you sport at the office more than you should. Oh so blasé, chica. Sure its easy and classic, but let’s not dress like we’re attending a funeral everyday. Nobody’s dead. Sosa’s collection kick’s up the caliente a notch with an explosion of bright red, electric blues and bold pieces that turns regular work attire into daring ensembles for the modern diva.

His line up of lithe and red-lipped models strutted the catwalk in sexy ensembles that flatter any woman, not just tall chicks. The look definitely was part Geisha and part, dare I say it, Raplh Lauren with una pisca de American sports. We also noticed something that looked like ancient calligraphy on some of the pieces. A subliminal message, I gander? A hidden secret? I suppose we’ll never know but at least you’ll be armed with the latest fashion 411 come September.

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