Efficient E-mail

Jan 19, 12 Efficient E-mail

These days there is an app for nearly anything you can think of. From calculating your blood alcohol content to sending messages from beyond the grave, there’s almost nothing they can’t do. So, let them do all the dirty work for you! Are you barraged with emails everyday? No problem! If you deal with a huge volume of emails and need to manage them but don’t particularly feel like it because let’s face it, que pereza, then we have something for you. It’s called ToutApp. It analyzes your email account and gives you all kinds of information like at what rate you responded to your messages or when was your busiest period, and all the statistics are presented on a super cool infographic. It also allows you to create templates, schedule messages and overall streamlines your email. It’s pretty easy to use and helpful, but when are they going to come up with an app that breaks up with your badly behaving novio, Enrique? Believe me, we’re working on it, but don’t hold your breath, chica.

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