Dry Shampoo, Hair Savior

Nov 13, 10 Dry Shampoo, Hair Savior

Your alarm clock didn’t go off. Perfect. Now you have to choose between going to work with hair so oily you could fry an egg on it, or actually arriving on time. Or maybe your dilemma is that you just paid a fortune for a blow-out and you want to extend its life beyond the usual two days you can go without washing your hair. Either way, an old beauty trick courtesy of Cuban abuelas solves the problem: baby powder. Yes, ma’am a little talco goes a long way. Applying it to your roots absorbs the oil and even gives your mane extra body, so you don’t just have to pull it out in an emergency; you can also use it to kick your ’do up a notch. Latina actress and bombshell Eva Mendes swears by this trick. Of course, these days even old beauty secrets are packaged and marketed and this one is no different. You can find it in the shape of dry shampoo, whether in a spray like Psssst or a powder like Shampowder, which also deodorizes and comes in different tones to match your hair color. Abuelitas, once again, proving they’re one step ahead of the game!

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  1. Veronica /

    interesting tip! thanks for the recos!

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