Drum Roll, Please: Presenting Los Guapos

Jan 28, 11 Drum Roll, Please: Presenting Los Guapos

Whoever said all men are the same got it completely wrong. They may not be as complex and intricate as us chicas, but the inner workings of their minds can sometimes leave us going “que queeeee?”.  That’s why we’ve decided to put and end to the guessing games and get honest answers straight from the horse’s mouth. Now every Friday is Ask Our Guapos Day when you get to ask your most burning questions about love, sex, relationships and more and have them answered by our Guapos: four different men from varying walks of life and cultural backgrounds, each with their own unique perspective so you can get the broadest range opinions possible. This is your chance to dig deep into the male psyche and finally find out the truth about all those things you were always afraid to ask. Check your taboos at the door, because no topic is off-limits here! Are you sure you really want to know? Be prepared, mi amiga, because the answers may not always be pretty, but they will always be the real deal. You have questions? Email them to info@lacosmopolatina.com.

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