Drop It Like It’s Hot

May 14, 10 Drop It Like It’s Hot

“Remember online document storage back in high school when you had a Trapper Keeper? It was bulging at the seams with homework assignments, research notes, essays, tests, what have you. Your entire academic life was crammed in there tighter than Erik Estrada in his CHiPs uniform. Losing it implied a tragedy of telenovela proportions.Your computer is the modern equivalent of your trusty TK. Except now you have all your work stored in it as well as aspects of your personal life like photos and videos, so there’s more at stake. Plus, you’re always moving de aqui para alla, so it’s not always easy to access your files when you need them. Dropbox is an excellent service that allows you to sync all your important files for easy access and added security. You can access them from any computer where you download the software, from an online account or even your iPhone. It automatically updates your files every time you modify them, so there’s no need to be constantly uploading changes and everything is backed up on their server, so there’s no risk of losing your stuff. It may not have a slammin’ Lisa Frank design, but at least it holds more stuff than your Trapper Keeper.”

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