Dress For El Verano

Apr 07, 11 Dress For El Verano

Summer is coming up fast; pretty soon it will be time to ditch the sweaters and heavy fabrics, and go lightweight and fresh. There’s nothing quite as comfortable as wearing a pretty and breezy dress on a hot day. But comfort doesn’t have to equal frumpiness. You can be comfy and still look smoking hot. The trick is to pick a dress that’s appropriate for your body type.

  • Slim hips and waist as well as a small bust constitute what is often referred to as a “boyish figure”. Just means you need to add some dangerous curves, and you can do it with ruffled and pleated dresses which add volume and create the illusion of curves. Top off with some pretty jewelry for extra femininity. Avoid round collars because they emphasize the small bust.
  • If, on the other hand, you are rocking some serious Latina curves and need to put some brakes on ‘em before someone gets hurt, opt for dresses made of fluid fabrics not jersey or stretchy fabrics. Add a belt to emphasize your waist, and stay away from straight-cut, too-tight dresses and big prints.
  • Good things come in small packages, they say. But if you are petite and wish to look taller, short dresses in an asymmetrical cut will give you the illusion of longer legs. Accessories like a scarf or a long collar also create length. Avoid long dresses (past the knee), high-heeled platforms and large accessories which will only make you look smaller.
  • Top-heavy chicas need to draw attention down to the waist or legs. To do so, choose short dresses with loose sleeves and/or a V-neck. Avoid dresses with too many details on top, square necks and high belts, as they accentuate the width of your bust.

Make your pick and start stocking up for a muy caliente summer!

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