Dont Fight Over A Hangover, Prevent it

Jan 20, 11 Dont Fight Over A Hangover, Prevent it

Aaayyyy, why is someone pounding on my head with a sledgehammer? I think my brain may explode in a second. Oh, wait. Now I remember: it’s the result of one too many Cuba Libres last night, celebrating the new year. Maybe next time I should just nix the Cuba and stick to the Libre. Although LaCosmopolatina has shown you the best tricks to fight a hangover, it’s true what mami always says: es mejor prevenir que curar. Best to nip the whole ordeal in the bud instead of wasting an entire day of your life being nauseous and in pain. Next time you go booze it up, try these tips to avoid waking up to a monster hangover:

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Alcohol causes serious dehydration, so have an 8oz glass of water in between shots to counter that effect.
Bulk up on protein before hitting the bottle, it helps absorb the alcohol faster and keeps you from getting drunk as fast. Beans contain tons of protein, so pile those moros y cristianos high before a night out on the town.
Avoid dark-colored drinks when at all possible. They contain more congeners, toxic chemicals that form during fermentation and cause blood vessels to dilate and resulting in those pounding-sledgehammer-headaches.
Certain kinds of drinks cause worse hangovers than others, so be aware of what to avoid. Brandy gives you the worst resaca, then in descending order: red wine, rum, whisky, white wine, gin and vodka.
Drink smart, señorita, and never let another whole day-ruining, nasty hangover get the best of you!

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