Don’t Get Played

Aug 04, 11 Don’t Get Played

Getting cheated on can permanently scar someone. It can leave you thinking every guy out there is a dirty womanizer who will stray at the first chance they get. Which is not always the case, of course, but we all know we can get a little locas when it comes to men and their wacky ways. However, if you suspect you are getting los cachos, or simply want to find out about your new squeeze’s potential philandering past there is a place you can go. CheaterVille is basically an online database of known cheaters, with information posted by anonymous users (*cough* spurned exes *cough*) and gathered from various online sources. You can find out whether the man in question is married or has a shady history, or even create a profile for your estupido y mentiroso dog of an ex-boyfriend. In all seriousness, though, before you go snooping around stop to think about the real reasons you feel you need to do this. Could it be paranoia? Trust issues? Whatever it is, take some time to work on it before you go opening a can of worms that cannot be un-opened. But if you have real motive to believe there’s something funny going on, then crank up La Tortura and have at it.

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