Do you think women look better with make-up or a more natural look?

[guapo1]A natural look during the day, stunning with makeup at night.[/guapo1]
[guapo3]You cannot make a woman beautiful with makeup alone but makeup can enhance a beautiful woman.[/guapo3]
[guapo6]The obvious answer for me would be to say without makeup, of course. I grew up around Latinas in my family who always looked beautiful without makeup.[/guapo6]


  1. Cynthia Martinez /

    *Sigh* damn these natural good looks.Got these men drooling all over us, lol! A woman is always prettiest when she feels her best, and for me that’s in the morning with no make-up and stank breath

  2. Zeeshan /

    -”FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha (congratulations in spanish) :D i’ve been like a minute laughing because of the “papi chulo” hahahah so funy.aaaaand i’ve to say that you have just became my new inspiration. you are a really amazing “papi chulo”! hahahai add u to my favourites links :) xoxoxoxooxvalentina”

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