Do you think open relationships can work?

[guapo1]Parameters constantly evolve in a relationship, with mutual agreement, they all work.[/guapo1]
[guapo5]There is a really great movie about this subject called “Fling” that analyzes this perfectly. It’s about a writer and his girlfriend who have an open relationship and the girl eventually falls in love with an old friend and their relationship is destroyed. So to answer your question, I think it’s dangerous to behave this way if you don’t want to get hurt but you could end up finding the person you are supposed to be with because of this experience. [/guapo5]
[guapo6]An open relationship is not something I would ever be into. I am too old school and it’s just not my thing. But they do work for others and I am curious to learn why. Forms of polygamy like polygamy and polyandry continue to grow in California.[/guapo6]

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