Do you take a girl seriously if she sleeps with you the first night?

[guapo1]Short answer, yes. Chemistry is something that at least with me can more easily be
extinguished, than ignited. It is how things develop after intimacy that determines the
nature of a relationship.[/guapo1]
[guapo2]I take a girl serious if she takes herself serious, whether or not she hooks up with me the first night makes no difference…[/guapo2]
[guapo3]I have had long term relationships which have started with quite a romantic first night. I think that it is silly to put rules into a relationship; life should be lived not ruled. Now that does not mean that I am promiscuous just that not everything has to go by other peoples preconceptions. I like to live life adventurously; some relationships start with passion and some with friendship you never know where it is going to go. [/guapo3]

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