Do you prefer to go dutch or do you pick up the tab?

[guapo1]Pick up the tab always, otherwise why ask a woman out?[/guapo1]
[guapo5]Pick up the tab.[/guapo5]
[guapo3]I expect to pick up the tab on the first few dates but it’s nice to go Dutch after the first couple of dates.[/guapo3]
[guapo4]I usually pay, but if she insists then I am ok with that too.[/guapo4]
[guapo6]I never go dutch on a date simply because it doesn’t demonstrate great manners when you are interested in someone. You don’t go dutch if you want to show someone a good time and make them feel special.[/guapo6]


  1. Charles /

    If I ask, I pay. Not up for negotiation.

  2. Shaquira /

    I believe that if a man is interested and asks that he should pay, If this date turns into a relationship, then there is nothing wrong with going dutch from time to time! A woman should want to treat her man, just as he wants to treat her!

  3. Jamie /

    I prefer that he picks up the tab but I also don’t mind picking up the tab myself every so often.

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