What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Sep 13, 11 What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Between Hurricane Irene and the earthquake in Virginia, we are pretty freaked out. It seems like there’s a natural disaster right around the corner waiting to wipe us out. OK, that might be a tad extreme but there’s no denying that Mother Nature is PMSing or something because things have been pretty crazy for a while now. The way we’re messing with the environment, chances are some more scary stuff is on the way. So what are people’s plans to deal with the advent of a catastrophic event? If you asked, you’d probably get answers like “run for cover” and “pray to Chuchito lindo and hope for the best”. That’s all fine and dandy, but your best bet is to be as prepared as possible before the s-word hits the fan. That means having a plan of action at the ready; including making your home safe, having an emergency supply kit, making copies of all important documents and keeping them in a safe place, designating an out-of-state person to contact in case of emergency, planning an escape route if necessary, and making sure everybody in your household is briefed on all plans. Being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts, it can do fierce and fabulous Cosmopolatinas a lot of good too.

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