Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

Mar 20, 12 Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

Watching your novio do the laundry is hot right? What? He doesn’t do it! Send your man packing out the door along with his dirty laundry. Ok, you love him too much to do that? Have him read this exclusive interview with heartthrob, JenCarlos Canela, who is the Hispanic spokesperson for the new Tide Pods laundry detergent and actually does the laundry. Conchale! I know, right? Que milagro.

JenCarlos Canela told us that he was born in Miami and raised in the world. It’s a good thing that Tide Pods are small enough to take on his singing tours to Venezuela and Panama this year. Now that he is a new papi to his son, Nickolas, he feels it’s important to be a part of the housecleaning and breakdown those Latino stereotypes.

“An independent man helps around the house,” JenCarlos told us. If that’s not enough to get your hombre to use the new Tide Pods then place him in the recycling bin and keep the Tide for yourself, chica. Get a free sample here.

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