Dile No A Miss Frizz

Mar 18, 10 Dile No A Miss Frizz

anti-frizz serum Ay no! You’ve just finished styling your hair, but there’s the dreaded aguacero that’s waiting to make your beautiful do into a frizzy don’t. If your hair likes to turn into a poufy hot mess like mine, then you’ll like Garnier’s Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Leave-In Serum. Believe me, I’ve searched high and low for something that can tame my crazy curls and nothing’s worked better than this.

It’s light-weight and smells delicious. I can finally go through a rainy day without checking my reflection on every other car window I pass by. Apply it on damp hair along with a leave-in conditioner to humidity-proof your hair. If you like to flat-iron, apply the serum right before for extra shine. Don’t apply too much because it’s really easy to end up with a greasy do with this product. The tiny bottle is enough to last you for months. Garnier’s Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz is a must have for curly haired girls and it’s barato too.


Get it here or at your local pharmacy.

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