Diana Lopez

Sep 01, 11 Diana Lopez

City you live in:
Sugar Land, TX

Occupation and why?
Tae Kwon Do athlete. I have a passion for sports and being competitive. I also love the fact that I get to travel around the world and represent the United States of America.

A regular day consists of?
School, training, a nap (a must), training, teaching at our Tae Kwon Do gym, and eating in between all of it. On weekends I love to spend time with my niece and nephews.

How do you define success?
Success varies from person to person. Success for me means setting a goal and achieving it. It also means competing well and holding myself to the highest standards.

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge has been keeping up with my three brothers! Not only is it tough being the only girl among three boys, it’s even more challenging being the youngest. In order to keep up with them I have to push and be capable of holding my own.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Always be proud of where you came from and have the confidence that “si se puede!” Also, make sure with anything you do to stay consistent and committed.

What’s on your bucket list?
I love traveling. Some of the countries on top of my list are Argentina, Egypt, and Morocco. I also love learning about different cultures. Not only is it fascinating to see how people from other countries live, it gives you an appreciation for foreign traditions and customs.

I am proud to be Latina because:
Our core values are based on a strong foundation of faith, passion and family.

How do you get your Latin fix?
Eating rice and beans (gallopinto) and listening to all different types of Spanish music (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggeaton, etc.).

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
It depends on who I am speaking to… I am great at speaking Hablando Spanglish though!

What is your favorite Latin restaurant?
It’s so hard to choose just one. My brothers and I always go to a little hole in the wall in Houston called, “La Fogata,” which is a Colombian Restaurant. I rarely leave Houston without visiting “Americas.” The owner is from Nicaragua, where my parents are from. They have the best tres leches ever!

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
That we are all passionate. Stubbornness sometimes comes into play, but that’s ok because I’m usually right, Haha!

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
There’s a lot of good advice, but one that comes to mind is, “Whatever it is that you do, take pride in it and do it to the best of your abilities.”

Favorite home remedy
Vapor Rub and Limes.

Favorite Quote:
“Live in the Now.”

Career Highlights
Career Highlights- 2X Jr. World Champion, Senior World Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist.

[fun]♦ My brothers and I made history when we competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and all came home with medals. We were also on the Jay Leno show![/fun]

♦ Diana Lopez is a Taekwondo Olympian. She won a Bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics. Diana along with her brothers Mark and Steven made history by becoming the first three siblings in any sport to win World Championship Titles at the same event, all while being coached by their brother Jean. Her parents are from Nicaragua.[/career]

[description]Success for me means setting a goal and achieving it. It also means competing well and holding myself to the highest standards.[/description]


  1. joss acanda /

    estas bien guapa diana…desde cuba…

  2. Apostle /

    Hi Amada, so happy to know that I am not the only one who has to correct evrnyoee who calls me amaNda. I got so frustrated growing up in upstate NY (1960 s and 70 s) that I told people my name was Lucy. When I was 19 yrs old I joined the coast guard and was stationed in puerto Rico. I quickly dropped the name Lucy and began using my real middle name Lucia. I never met anyone by name Amada in Mexico or Puerto Rico. I am Mexican married to a German and proud to be named Amada Lucia Hensel.

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