Delegate Your Card Duties

Dec 07, 11 Delegate Your Card Duties

The thing about Christmas is that not only you have to worry about getting presents for everyone from your parents to your doorman, you also have to worry about sending out cards. That’s probably the worst part; choosing the cards, signing them, addressing them, stamping them, mailing them – because you can only get away with sending so many e-cards (Abuela is never going to for that). But, as you probably already know, these days there is pretty much a service to take care of everything you don’t want or don’t have time to do yourself. SendOutCards is that service that will take care of all your card needs. Just pick out the design you want, add a personalized message and even pictures or a gift if you want, and you’re done. They will print, stuff and mail all your cards for you. This is an excellent choice if you have a business and hundreds of contacts to send cards to, and your intern suddenly decided to take off on Christmas break early. Of course, SendOutCards is not just for Christmas but for any occasion. Mami may call it being perezosas, but we call it being resourceful.

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