Death By Chocolate

Feb 07, 11 Death By Chocolate

Mmmm, chocolate. Just the thought of a sweet, gooey piece melting in your mouth turns you into a drooling idiot à la Homer Simpson. You can’t wait for Valentine’s Day so you have an excuse to munch on as many as you want (it would be rude not to, they were a present!). If the Latina in you is looking for a little more exotic fare than the usual caramel-filled bonbons and chocolate-covered cherries, have we got a treat for you. Luxury chocolatier, Vosges, is featuring a collection of truffles inspired by the tastes of Latin America. The delights of Venezuelan dark chocolate mixed with flavors such as ancho chilies, Argentinean dulce de leche, Costa Rican cashews and Mexican vanilla bean are like nothing you’ve experienced before (kind of makes you want to stay at home with the truffles instead of going out on a date with Javier). If you want to get your PC on, try a box of Sweet Riot chocolates. They make their sweets with cacao outsourced directly from Latin America while complying with fair trade practices, and a variety of all-natural ingredients; all wrapped up in recyclable packages that feature the work of emerging artists. Get that sweet tooth ready, because it’s about to go on the ride of its life.

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