De Stressing The Cosmopolatina Way

Jun 08, 11 De Stressing The Cosmopolatina Way

How often in your hectic life do you remember to just stop and BREATHE? It may seem elemental, but many of us forget how important a few nice and deep breaths are as stress relief tools. If you’re thinking breathing is not going to help when you’re about to have a meltdown because you screwed up at work and you know you’re about to get chewed out by el jefe, think again. Veronica Ruelas, founder of The Ashramchic Group, knows all about the power of breathing. She recommends inhaling for a count of 4, mentally saying yo soy and exhaling for a count of 4, then mentally saying paz. You will immediately feel your face muscles relax. Close both eyes and breathe, smile and repeat. Another great relaxation technique recommended by Veronica involves water. You already knew it was good for your physical health, but did you know it can work wonders on your mental health as well? According to several experiments performed all over the world with the same results, water that is shown the words ‘love and gratitude’ forms perfect crystal formation. Conversely, water shown the words ‘you make me sick’ forms disfigured crystals. This means that water has the ability to copy and memorize information. So write the words ‘AMOR Y GRACIAS’ on your water bottles for an extra kick of relaxation when you’re sipping your daily agua and follow this little ritual: close both eyes and think of inner peace. Now drink, smile and repeat. Feel the inner peace flowing yet? 

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