Day Of The Dead

Oct 28, 10 Day Of The Dead

If the idea of celebrating the dead seems a little, well, morbid; and you find yourself picturing a Michael Jackson’s Thriller video gone wrong; then allow me to shed some light on this mysterious, yet totally enchanting holiday. Every year on November 1st and 2nd our Mexican friends celebrate, Dia De Los Muertos aka Day Of The Dead, paying homage to their beloved friends and family that have passed on. Don’t worry; you don’t have to RSVP to a cemetery to partake in the day. So rub off those goose bumps, miedosa, because there is no need to freak out.If the spirit moves you (pun intended), parties do actually take place in graveyards. No they are not having séances or howling at the moon, but according to many, spirits will join them in the festivities. But trust me; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! A little magical place called Oaxaca (pronounced wah-haak-kah please) will put any apple dunking costume-wearing party you’ve ever been to, to shame! Giant paper puppets of the infamous female skeleton Katrina party in the halls. Families bring offerings and gather around gravesites con gusto reminiscing about their departed loved ones into the wee hours of the morning. Ok, so sometimes there is howling of some kind by the occasional “ay yay yay” after a mariachi ballad. If the idea of a cemetery still makes your skin crawl; you can visit a home where you will find Altars adorned with marigolds, pictures, sugar skulls, and dead bread. Dead bread? As my grandma would say, si mi hijita, it’s delicious.

And what in the world are sugar skulls anyway? Why not learn more and throw a fiesta of your own! Invite honored guests (living or deceased), and by all means enjoy, because this holiday is all about celebrating life even after death. Just don’t forget these must-haves!

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