Cuticles: Push Or Cut?

Oct 03, 11 Cuticles: Push Or Cut?

When it comes to getting your nails done, there are so many choices involved. Should you go with a French manicure or a ruby red polish? Square or oval? Gel or acrylic? Get your cuticles pushed back or cut? We’ll leave the selection of color and shape up to you, but we do have something to say about the cuticles. It’s common for manicurists to snip away at this strip of skin while yapping away about what happened last night on la novela and who wore what to the ALMA Awards. However, it’s really not very healthy to have your cuticles cut because they protect your nails, and removing them could open the door for germs to settle in and cause a nasty infection. Some dermatologists recommend you don’t mess with your cuticles at all, but if you must get rid of them then you should know the right way to do it. First of all, never push them back while they’re dry. Apply some cuticle remover (not oil or cream) and gently push back with an orange stick, no metal instruments. Finish by moving the stick in circles at the base of the nail to remove any remaining dead skin and moisturize regularly. Here’s to healthy and beautiful nails!

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  1. Bianca /

    I love pushing my cuticles back now I know not to do it on Dry skin!

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