Cute, Sparkly and Functional: The Best Eyelash Curler

Dec 10, 10 Cute, Sparkly and Functional: The Best Eyelash Curler

An eyelash without the curl is like a quesadilla without the cheese: pointless. Many of us weren’t lucky enough to have been born with Raquel Welch eyelashes (oh yeah, a Latina. Didn’t you know?) and we need outside assistance. This comes in the form of an eyelash curler, that medieval torture device-looking contraption that is a must in every chica’s make up bag. There are tons of curlers out there, and each one looks as frightening as that hammer with the spikes your abuela used to tenderize meat (or so she claimed. It looked more like she was trying to extract a confession out of it). Fortunately, using an eyelash curler is easy and painless, especially if you have the right one. We love Tarte’s Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler, it’s gentle on the lashes so it won’t pull them out and a single squeeze is all you need for bombshell lashes: all curl, no crimp. For extra oomph, heat the curler with your hair dryer for 5 seconds before applying it to your lashes. The icing on the torta is that it’s super cute, the rhinestones taking away from its scary appearance and giving it a touch of glitz and glamour.  It also makes a great stocking stuffer this season for the women in your life, so make sure to get yours before the holiday limited edition runs out and dazzle the world with your movie-star lashes.


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