Custom Coutoure

Apr 27, 10 Custom Coutoure

Unleash your inner Versace! Every girl has designed a dream outfit in her mind at least once in her life. But how many of us go beyond envisioning that perfect dress to actually translating it into reality? Seems like it would be too much work, right? Not necessarily.

It is now possible to bring your imagination to life in a few easy steps with Style Shake Design Studio, your new personal atelier. They have various fabrics, colors and styles to choose from. Mix and match sleeves, necklines, skirts, frills and much more to create your own sartorial masterpiece. Once you’re done they’ll sew your design and have it ready for you in 10 days. It’s like playing with paper dolls, except you get a real outfit at the end of the game. The Dream Dress is good to go, so how about a version where we design our real-life Principe Azul next? Anyone?

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