Cure It With Mayo

Oct 26, 11 Cure It With Mayo

According to abuelita, she’s got the cure for almost everything. And it nearly always involves either bibaporú or aloe vera. While there’s no denying the power of home remedies and abuelita’s infinite wisdom, there are some conditions that are simply beyond her expertise. So when you need some quick medical advice rather than turning to Google and getting guidance from some random, pseudo-scientific site, go to the Mayo Clinic’s website. It’s the best out there; their staff is made up of actual M.D’s so you will be getting legit tips from expert sources. They have an index of diseases and a symptom checker, so you can figure out what that rash is, or what is causing that persistent headache. Obviously it’s no substitute for a real doctor, but when those minor ailments got you down and no amount of aloe vera will fix you, there’s always Mayo.

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