Cuando Calienta El Sol

Feb 22, 10 Cuando Calienta El Sol

color changing gear How does it do that?! Inside, my ring is clear. Outside, it turns pomegranate red or Caribbean blue. I smell a new trend. Much like mood rings back in the ’70s, Del Sol products offer a whole line of color-changing gear: t-shirts, chancletas, tote bags, jewelry, nail polish, sunglasses and more.

Except that instead of reacting to your body temperature, these items react to sunlight. Or more specifically, they react to UV rays, which make them not just fun but useful too as nifty little reminders to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days when you may not feel the heat but you’ll know those wicked rays are penetrating when your Del Sol piece magically changes color. The glittery nail polishes and super cute necklaces totally appeal to my inner schoolgirl but they have tons of other cool stuff, as well as items for men and kids, making them a chévere and unique gift idea. Oh! Sun is out again! Check them out at

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