Credit Cards

Jul 06, 11 Credit Cards

Credit card debt: the eternal monkey on your back. It seems that no matter how many payments you make, the balance never seems to decrease significantly. Of course that could have something to do with all those designer clothes you keep splurging on (“but the new Amelia Toro collection is soooo gorgeous!” you say). Most likely, though, the problem is that you only make the minimum payment each month, which means you’re pretty much paying off your interest but not making much of a dent in your balance.  Standard advice dispensed by financial gurus tells you to pay at least double the minimum payment, but let’s be real, that is not always possible. Don’t they know you have more than one card (plus other bills to pay)? Even if you can’t pay double, you can still add whatever you can afford to your payments. Even an extra $50 a month can make a difference.  The credit card calculator on Bankrate can help you figure out how you can increase your payments and start chipping away at that debt. It may mean some sacrifices and tightening your (fabulous Amelia Toro) belt, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. As my abuelito is fond of saying, “a dineros pagados, brazos cruzados.”

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