Create A Better Home

Jun 15, 10 Create A Better Home

Is your apartment an unholy mess? Or is it just plain ugly? Maybe it just needs a few inspired ideas to put the finishing touches on it? Whatever help your abode requires, Apartment Therapy is the website and newsletter that can provide it.

Their mission in life is to help you create a beautiful and organized living space where you can kick back, relax, entertain, and be proud of. They have tons of useful household tips to help you get organized and make your life easier, as well as decorating ideas to liven up your home. Apartment Therapy even features tours of cool houses so you can steal, ahem, I mean get inspired by their look. Go ahead and get with it, it’s better than having to put up with that I’m-being- implicitly-judged-here feeling when your mami comes to visit and not only rearranges all your stuff after you’ve told her a million times not to, but whips out a trapito and dusts every surface of your apartment.”

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