Crazy Latino New Year’s Eve Traditions

Dec 27, 10 Crazy Latino New Year’s Eve Traditions

It’s almost the New Year! Let’s reflect on our accomplishments of 2010. Actually, screw that. No reflecting. Let’s just go with our crazy Latino traditions for luck and fortune. Let the 12 grapes and yellow panties take us where no man has been before. Not that, you naughty girl, but I like the way you think. If I’m guaranteed to travel to fabulous places throughout the year and reap bucket loads of the newly, minted stuff; you can betcha you’ll be seeing me running around the block like una loca sporting yellow panties and dragging a suitcase when the clock strikes 12 AM.

Here are few New Year’s traditions that Latinas around the world swear by, so you can score all things your little heart desires in the new year. I say, go for it. You never know.:

  1. Want prosperity, health and luck? Wear new, yellow undies underneath. This weird tradition came from Spain in the Middle Ages when wearing bright colors was forbidden. (And you know how us Latinas can be. We love forbidden.) Yellow, a color that represents gold, became a secret way of wishing for good fortune.
  2. Also from Spain, is a tradition created by crafty winemakers: eating 12 grapes, 12 seconds before the stroke of midnight brings buena suerte and wealth for the new year. Just be careful. Don’t want you to choke to death, for God’s sake.
  3. In Cuba, throwing a bucket of water at 12 midnight is said to rid the house of bad spirits. Bad novio last year? Whoosh! Your breakup woes are all gone with just a bucket of dirty ole’ water.
  4. Dominicans practice a tradition of running around the block with a suitcase (No. It doesn’t have to be packed, silly). This guarantees the journey of your dreams and good luck, too.

Happy New Year, amiga!

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