Crank Up Your Mid-Afternoon Energy

Oct 13, 11 Crank Up Your Mid-Afternoon Energy

Sunday lunch at a Latino household can be the equivalent of any Thanksgiving dinner: mounds and mounds of food, complete with post-meal sluggishness. But since it’s Sunday afternoon, you can give in to the drowsiness and sink into a delicious and well-deserved siesta. But what about when that lethargy hits you during the middle of the workday? As much as you’d like to, you can hardly plop your head down on the keyboard and snooze away. There are several ways to avoid the dreaded afternoon slump; the most important one being to not have a very heavy lunch. Fill up on whole grains and lean protein for energy, and avoid foods high in fat and sugar. It’s also important to get enough sleep at night and to stay well-hydrated during the day. Drink plenty of water, even if you’re not thirsty. If you’re still nodding off at your desk despite all this, try opening a window or turning up the A/C; cooler temperature makes you more alert. Also, get up and get moving. Take a short walk around the block, or just around the office if that’s not possible. Finally, get yourself motivated. Think about all that you will have accomplished by the end of the day once you snap out of your stupor. If that’s not enough, picture your reward at the end of the long workday: happy hour!

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