Sujeiry Gonzalez

Mar 18, 11 Sujeiry Gonzalez

♦ Professional Writer
♦ Comedic Entertainer
♦ on-air personality who has worked the love and relationship circuit for years. She has taken the love world by the cojones, coining the term “Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love”.
♦ Empowering Latinas and their pepas.

City you live in:
I live in New York City in the fabulous neighborhood of Washington Heights, where Dominican men shout out piropos even when women don chancletas y rolos. What a wonderful world, indeed!

Occupation and why?
I am a Jack of All Trades, or in my case, a Conchita of All Trades. My main occupation is of website owner and relationship writer. I run the funny and pepalicious, a website that tackles love and sex with a comedic twist. I write all content for the site, and if that isn’t enough I am also writing a book entitled Love Trips. Love Trips is a collection of personal essays exposing my journey to love and the stumbles that have come along. I’m hoping for Love Trips to become a series of sorts, almost like a Latina Twilight but with less vampires and more penises. I’m not called the Dominican Carrie Bradshaw for nothing!

But wait, there’s more!

I am also a performer who combines prose with humor and song. All my pieces are based on (you guessed it!) my relationships and what men do to my heart and my pepa. Aside from writing, being funny, singing, and obsessing over love, I like long walks on the beach and lilies…

Oh wait, wrong website.

A regular day consists of?
A regular day consists of waking up at 9ish to run around the city for my current day job. While on trains and buses, I grab my trusty iPhone like a superhero does his sidekick and type away. Writing on the go comes easy for me as my mind is always creating. Besides, NYC straphangers provide me with great material.

Throughout the day, I post this content onto my website. I sneak it in when I can and have yet to be caught snapping photos of myself in the bathroom of my day job. I use these photos on my posts to Sujeiry-fy even more. The bathroom has become my private photo studio.

Once at home I continue posting and marketing the website. I also work on SEO and monitor how many unique hits I receive and the when’s and why’s. Owning a website is much more than blogging. If money is to be made, I must promote the Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love brand.

In the midst of all this, I also manage to write my book, practice performances, work on the short script I am currently writing and hopefully producing and staring in, and penning my one-woman show. It’s a lot of work but it’s what I love to do!

How do you define success?
When I was a young and naive Dominicanita, I didn’t equate success with financial stability. Now I say bring on the Benjamins! In all seriousness, money isn’t everything. It’s helpful and essential but how many folks are truly fulfilled with only monetary gain?

For me, success is a blend of happiness, self-awareness and self-love, financial stability, passion for what you do, a committed partnership in both business and love, and a solid foundation in every aspect of life.

What has been your biggest challenge?
I recently realized that I have told certain ‘truths’ about myself to myself. The problem with this is that the ‘truths’ were actually created by my own fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of instability and struggle: you name it and I’ve been afraid of it. So I tell myself, “Sujeiry, you lack discipline! You cannot be your own boss. You will not succeed so get a day job and give up on your dreams!”

These conversations are my biggest challenge. Though I don’t doubt my talent, I fear I will not create a stable life for myself. I struggle with this frequently, even drafting alternative career plans just in case my fire fizzles and I end up as a retiree in a Harlem shelter instead of Boca. Convincing myself I am a diligent and responsible person who will fulfill her dreams of being a best selling relationship author and radio show personality is a daily process. Luckily, I am self-aware and know these ‘truths’ are self-created lies. In my heart, I know I will be more than fine.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
I would ask, “Can you write every day and create new content?” If the answer is yes, then I would suggest mastering your craft. Read authors that you enjoy, especially in the genre that is your focus. If you want to write memoirs, read every memoir in the Barnes and Nobles creative nonfiction aisle. No matter what your niche, you must read! Reading makes one a better writer, grammatically and creatively.

As a writer, you must also find your voice. You want people to recognize your piece even if it has no name. The reader should recognize your tone of voice, the language and idioms you utilize, your genre and mechanics…everything that represents you as an author and entertainer.

Next, start a blog. Write posts on topics that interest you. It is also important to give your blog a twist. My nonfiction writing professor once told me it was important to be “the same but different.” You want to write what sells but make it your own. As for your blog, you must cultivate an audience. This way when you transfer your blog into a full-fledged website you have a following. Best way to gain fans is to write daily and about what you love and know. It also helps if you participate in open mics and join creative networking groups and writing workshops to spread the word.

Alas, there is SEO and social networking. Once you have your website (I recommend a website) you need to work on Search Engine Optimization to increase the number of unique visitors that visit your website daily. Using Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day to promote your content can also increase your readership and ultimately your numbers. The more unique visitors, the more advertisers will take notice. And that’s when you begin making money from your website.

Bottomline, owning a website and writing all the content for said website is a lot of work. Unless you have the money to pay others to run the site and you trust others to provide content, you become a one-woman show. I don’t mind because I love what I do and being an independent worker. If this is also you, then go for it!

What’s on your bucket list?
I definitely want to go to Italy before I pass on to greener pastures. I want to own a beach home, have a husband and a family, go to Spain, become a successful relationship author and radio show host, learn to drive (what can I say, I live in NYC!), play the guitar, become a better swimmer, design and sew my own clothes (if I look like a clown, don’t laugh at me), and retire in the Caribbean.

I am proud to be Latina because:
I am proud to be a Latina because it symbolizes strength and resilience. My culture has instilled so much tradition, passion, and joy in my life and persona. I love that I am bilingual and that my people are celebratory, musical, family oriented, neighborly, affectionate, and most of all, full of life and laughter. It is the greatest way to live.

How do you get your Latin fix?
Family gatherings are the best Latin fix a girl can ask for! Whether it’s the seasoned food, the comical conversations, the merengue, salsa, and bachata, or the rapid tongues of my Dominican relatives, I feel at home.

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
I’d have to say it depends on the situation. At work, it’s definitely English. Same goes for my television programming and book picks. My writing is a combination of English and Spanglish. At home with my Mami and my step dad, it’s Spanish all the time. With my boyfriend, well, who wouldn’t rather hear, “Te amo!”? To sum it up, Spanish in the bedroom and English in the boardroom!

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
We all have huge asses. That’s a stereotype commonly heard about Dominican women. I like it because I love my juicy booty.

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
El que quiere, puede.
I remind myself of this whenever I doubt myself or whenever a dude makes excuses for treating me like less than a reina.

Favorite home remedy:
Bronchina. It’s a thick, Dominican, dark cough syrup that tastes like somebody took a finger full of Viraporu and shoved it down your throat. Clears my congestion right up!

Favorite Quote:
No hay nadie mas que yo. Uno es el numero magico. En vida y en muerte, uno es todo…comprende?” – Jill Scott, “One Is the Magic Number”

[fun]♦ I have a nose fetish. Yes, you read that correctly! There is something about a long bridge that turns me on. I also adore men with facial hair. No fresh faced men for me![/fun]

[career]♦ Being interviewed by Lisa Mateo on NYC’s Pix Morning News, finding a rhythm and the discipline to write 6 out of the 7 days a week, and shaking my fear of performing. I used to get so nervous when on stage that I would want to pee! Now my bladder is under control. [/career]

[description]Don’t lose your identity.[/description]


  1. Asbel Perez /

    When the bathroom becomes a utility in your arsenal you are truly a hard core entrepreneur . I just hide in my basement,lol. Even though people might think these things are strange, this is the way we live our life. If only there was 8 days a week or 25 hours in a day. Sleep, We will do that when we die. GOOD LUCK, and Thank God for CAFE-CON-LECHE!!!!

  2. Yosely Maldonado /

    I love this article. Shows alot about us Latinas, Dominican women precisely. I myself am Dominican, born in Washington Heights and I can relate to her!!

    Wish her the best!!

  3. Sujeiry /

    Hard core entrepreneur is right! It’s a hustle and I have to do what I have to do to succeed, even if it means taking photos by a pool of urine lol. Thanks for commenting and for the support. I hope you visit and comment there as well!

  4. Lisa Dominguez /

    What I enjoyed the most on the article was the pure PASSION of life and what comes with it! I also came from Washington Heights now a Jersey Girl right over the GWB! And it’s nice to see the things in common you have with strangers, and the same drive! Everyone has different fears/challenges, and for Sujeiry to express them in that way takes great strength & a better understanding of yourself!!! Stay positive and say to yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!

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