Cosmetics That Are Eco-Friendly

Jun 10, 10 Cosmetics That Are Eco-Friendly

eco-friendly cosmetics Once upon a time we lived in a world barren of organic make-up. Terms like “vegan” or “eco-conscious” were unheard of. We were subjected to cosmetics chock-full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and the looming threat of phthalates and parabens was still far off.  Oh, the horror! Mercifully, little by little beauty experts have become increasingly aware of the need for products that won’t give us cancer while making us pretty.

Entire lines devoted exclusively to organic and all-natural maquillaje have come into being, and one of our favorites is Tarte. They have the widest selection of healthy cosmetics or as they like to call them “earth engineered beauty”. Their products are brimming with vitamins, minerals, and lovely plant and fruit extracts for maximum skin protection. And while it’s what is on the inside that counts, in this case the packaging scores major points too! Not only is it more adorable than the cast of Glee, it’s either recyclable or made from recycled materials. And not that you need to hear more, but you get a free sample with every purchase. Final verdict? Tarte, you have definitely proven that glam can be good.”

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