Mar 01, 10 Cosmeticaid

instant eye makeup I am no Bobbi Brown, I will freely admit that right now. Advanced make-up application techniques elude me the way the correct pronunciation of the word ‘quarter’ eludes my mother (it does not end in an ‘a’, mom). To this day I have never been able to fully master the trickiness that is liquid eyeliner (my hands are so shaky I could’ve made a good living playing the maracas) and the complexities of eye shadow are still a mystery. I mean, there are four different shades you have to blend seamlessly onto different sections of your eyelid following a color pattern I can never remember.

Luckily there is help for us, the cosmetically impaired: companies like ColorOn ( and Majic Beauty ( have come to our rescue with instant eye shadow kits. They’re little strips that come with professionally pre-designed eye shadow creations. You simply press on and the color transfers onto your lid. Result: insta-diva eyes without the fuss and muss. They have looks that range from subtle to sultry and even animal and camouflage prints for the more atrevidas.  Now if only someone invented instant eyeliner I would never have to leave my house with a glittery black smudge across my nose again.

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