Coupon Closet: The Concierge Coupon App

Mar 14, 12 Coupon Closet: The Concierge Coupon App

Ay, chica. You swore up and down you’d only window shop with the girls, but once you saw that hot, tomato red spring dress, you got all weak in the knees. And you just needed a pair of beige Michael Kors platforms to go with them. And some gold bangles.  All at full price.  Adios, will power. Hello rotating credit card bill.

Well, here’s something cool to feel good about indulging, without all the guilt. It’s a free app called Coupon Closet. It remembers all your favorite brands like Steve Madden, Victoria Secrets, Urban Outfitters and Michael Kors. It also keeps track of all the coupons that pertain to your fave list, and delivers only the coupons you really want, daily with discounts up to 70%. You can sort the deals by the brand, newest arrivals, or expiring deal. Sorry Iphoneiacs. Android users, only. It’s a closed club.

So, forget coupon clipping. Who does that anyway, any more? And no more sale searching, waiting for Bloomingdales Brown Bag days, or another, “Carajo, I left that Macy’s coupon on the counter at home, again!”.  Coupons are delivered right to your ‘Droid, so now you can just flash a coupon bar code at the cash register like it’s a badge of honor and pride because you know you just saved a whole lot of verde.


  1. Stephanie /

    I love the app! Now if they can make it for an iPhone. :)

    • LaCosmo /

      Soon, soon, Stephanie. At least, we’re hoping.

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