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4. Funny photos of Latino culture (like signs that are translated wrong and take on an entirely new meaning)
5. Access to your penthouse loft, 24/7


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  2. Fan Funded Webseries, “BECOMING RICARDO: Reinvents “Tootsie” with a Latina Twist


    With the notoriety in the Latino community LaCosmopoLatina possesses, we are reaching out to you for a lending hand with our project. “Becoming Ricardo” is a made-for-tv series that stars Latina comedic actress, Jesenia, and features a predominately Latino cast, including the incomparable Lisa Velez-Mello (of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam), who stars as Jesenia’s mother ‘Lydia Cruz’, and up-and-coming-actress Sofia Rodriguez (of Platanos and Collard Greens) as cousin, ‘Sonia Cruz’. The show also stars its creator, Latina comedian Jesenia ( who has paved the way for herself as a powerhouse through standup performing all over NYC and her own sketch comedy shows, “Ay! Que Funny” and currently running The LocoMotives (

    “Becoming Ricardo” follows a struggling Latina actress, Jesenia Cruz, as she finagles her way into becoming the star of a popular TV crime series…as a man! With her sidekick cousin, Sonia, helping her along the way – Jesenia struggles to balance two lives at the same time.

    Earlier this year, Jesenia and her creative team began production for “Becoming Ricardo’s” premiere episode. Outstanding reviews sparked the need and drive for continuation of its first season. While we are continuing to shop this TV series to networks for national distribution, the series still needs help with funding on the rest of its episodes, which we plan to release as a webseries until distribution is obtained.

    There are several ways you can help, whether it be the development of a partnership with LaCosmopoLatina, the possibilities for Jesenia and her “Becoming Ricardo” creative team would be endless and we truly hope that reaching out to you is the best channel of developing such a team. Perhaps a feature on the webseries and its creator and cast would be something of interest, or even a review on the premiere episode: Whatever we can do to help provide the tools to you in the hopes of your outlet helping us reach our audience retention in the Latino community goal. Here is the press release on our fans funding us recently for the continuation of Season 1 for the show – we raised a little over $7000!

    Jenni Ruiza –
    Writer/Executive Producer on “Becoming Ricardo”

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