Consolidate Your Wish Lists

Oct 05, 10 Consolidate Your Wish Lists

combine your online wish listsAs a child, anything your heart desired would go on a letter addressed to el Niño Jesus and/or Santa Claus.  In the digital age, you have wish lists scattered all over the Internet. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could consolidate all of your antojos into one master list you could oh-so-casually leave open for your loved ones to see come Christmas/birthday/just-because-you’re-so-awesome-time?

The good folks over at Svpply sure think it’s a swell idea. That is why they created a site that allows you to do just that. Anything that strikes your fancy on any site across the entire web can be dropped into your personal “store”. The only downside is that the site is currently invitation-only (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for mine), but the exclusivity only makes it more alluring. Once that invite comes (and you know it will), make sure to share your good fortune with your friends. They will love you so much for it, they might just help you start crossing items off that master wish list.”

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