Como Una Flor

May 21, 10 Como Una Flor

scents for your computer Sitting in Barnes and Nobles, writing your next bestselling novel on your laptop, un galán a la Gael Garcia Bernal gets up and tells you that you smell so nice he had to get up and tell you. You smile, bat your eyes and thank Fragrance Flowers for making your computer smell great when you don’t.

Si, you heard correctly. The laptop is not only an electrical device to surf the web, connect with Facebook friends and share pictures of last night’s rumba. It can now be a fragrance to lure men into your clutches, umm we mean manos. It works like an air freshener but uses the power from your USB port.  Scents are known to affect a person’s mood, so these are great if you need a little pick me up while working. While these are still in production, they should be available soon at Coroflot.

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