Clothing Shrinkage: Not All Is Lost

Aug 23, 11 Clothing Shrinkage: Not All Is Lost

Aw, crap. Despite mami’s advice you went ahead and tossed your DO NOT TUMBLE DRY clothes in the dryer anyway. Now your clothes look like they belong to your sobrina’s Bratz dolls. Why is it that we refuse to listen when we know deep down mamis are always right? No use crying over spilled milk now, though. Right now you have to figure out how to salvage whatever you can of your newly miniaturized wardrobe. The good news is, there are certain tricks you can try. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to restore your clothes to their original size, but it’s definitely worth a try, no?

  • If the item in question is wool, you’re in a little bit of luck. It’s the easiest type of fabric to un-shrink, which you can do by placing the item in a basin of warm water for 10 minutes. Take it out, squeeze out the excess water and dry the garment on a towel. Stretch and pull (con cuidado!) to get it back to its original size and shape.
  • Garments made from other types of material can be un-shrunk by soaking them for 5 minutes in room temperature water mixed with 2 or 3 tablespoons of ordinary hair conditioner. Proceed to lay the garment out on a towel and attempt to reshape it before it dries.
  • Last but not least, you can try dissolving an ounce of borax into a few tablespoons of hot water. Add this solution to a basin or sink full of warm water and soak the garment for a minute while trying to reshape it. Rinse off in another basin filled with warm water and two tablespoons of white vinegar.

Good luck, chicas! And from now on, just accept the inevitable fact that mami knows best. Trust us, it makes life a whole lot easier. Oh, and read laundry labels.

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