Closet Organizing Made Easy

Nov 10, 10 Closet Organizing Made Easy

Everybody has a few skeletons in their closet. Hopefully not the literal kind, more the last-year’s-Halloween-costume-you-still-haven’t-cleared-out kind. And that is just one of the many things you’ve got piled in there that you don’t use anymore; but there they are, just taking up room and adding to the general chaos. Meanwhile, all your purses are jumbled together on the top shelf, your shoes are strewn about willy-nilly and your necklaces are one big knot at the bottom of a drawer. Snap out of it, chica! It’s time to make some sense of the reguero that is your closet. Sorting out the mess is easier than doing the Macarena, you just need a few organizers to get you started.This handbag organizer, for example, allows you to hang them neatly on your door so they won’t get crumpled up and lose their shape or get scuffed. A shoe organizer ensures that both shoes will be on hand when you need to rush out the door and won’t have to waste another minute on your ongoing production of The Great Search for the Missing Footwear. As for your jewelry, you probably don’t remember half of what you own simply because it’s not in plain sight. You can make your own earring organizer or buy a necklace tree to make accessorizing easier. You’ll get more use out of what you have since you’ll remember to wear it, and you’ll be able to keep track of all the stuff your prima borrowed but hasn’t returned which, dang, you never realized was so much. OK, prima is now officially banned from the closet!

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