Cinegram: Photo Animating App Works Like Magic

Mar 28, 12 Cinegram: Photo Animating App Works Like Magic

You loved Instagram. It was love at first shot. No. Not tequila, bobita. Since it allows you take a photo from your iPhone, add cool filters to antique it or grey scale it, and share it immediately via social media, it made you look like Ansel Adam’s protege among your friends. Eventually, they caught on.

Now the folks that invented that awesome app created something even cooler to make you look more skilled than you really are. You’re convinced you’re the female version of Almodovar. The name? Cinegram. It generates images that are somewhere between photograph and a very short video clip. After capturing the video you can animate small portions of your photos using GIF animation and then share with your friends.

Drawing the part that you want to be live is challenging and takes a little bit of getting used to, but overall, it’s pretty simple, intuitive, fun and definitely addictive like your daily Coca for a 3 PM pick me up. And the creative possibilities with Cinegram are endless. You know that photo you took of that llama at Macchu Picchu who was sticking out it’s tongue after tiring from chasing you? (You shouldn’t have provoked him, chica, but thanks for the laugh!) You can animate him to make it lick its chops. And that decadent tropical libation you were enjoying last week? You can animate the droplets and make it look as delicious as the Diet Pepsi Sofia Vergara can’t seem to keep her lips off of. Until they catch on again, your friends will think, “How’d she do that?” Shh. Nobody has to know it took minimal effort to be so darn creative. Almodovar. Move over.

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