Christmas Decorations with Latin Flair

Dec 14, 10 Christmas Decorations with Latin Flair

Rudolph, Frosty and Santa are all standard Christmas characters that will no doubt adorn your home as you decorate it for the holidays. You grew up with them and they represent your American side, but what about the Latina in you? Doesn’t she get any special decorations? You know she’s dying to get in there so clear some room in the tree for her. CasaQ makes the cutest Latino-inspired ornaments that will let you show off your pride in your heritage. How about adding Rudolfo in his poncho and Sancho Snowman (the mariachi version of Frosty) right next to the candy canes and glittery angels? And don’t forget Pancho Claus, a sombrero-wearing Santa riding a burro, La Catrina, Our Lady of Guadalupe and a piñata. CasaQ also provides decorating ideas and a list of where to find the best tamales in the country in case you’re thinking of bailing out on slaving over a turkey this year. No need to admit you didn’t make them yourself! These ornaments are unique and a wonderful splash of color and alegria to an otherwise traditional, red-and-green Christmas, plus they make great mementos for your party guests. Go ahead and embrace that spirit of Navidad!

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