Chictopia and You

May 21, 12 Chictopia and You

Friday night at Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, you’re sipping Mojitos and entertaining your amiguitas with your unsolicited fashion opinion regarding the wardrobe choices of unsuspecting strangers around you. Friends frequently compliment you on your eye for clothing, right? If only you could spread your gift to the world and get something in return. At you can!

There are people at Chictopia who actually seek your opinion on their clothing style. Carramba! It’s like your dream come true. You get to be as vocal as Simon Cowell on the X Factor! Every time you give a review, comment on a fashion photo, or set up your own gallery assigns you various amounts of points. Your prima Lissandra, la fashionista, can make 500 points for each accepted article she submits.

Tell her about it and you earn points for recruiting her. You might not make millions of dollars like Simon but you can redeem your accumulated points for fashionable products. Think of it as an online Project Runway. It’s so you, chica! Move over, Tim Gunn! You’ve got some Latina company heading your way.

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