Chew On This: Foods To Get You In The Mood

Feb 02, 11 Chew On This: Foods To Get You In The Mood

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Just because we Latinas are known for being passionate doesn’t mean we can’t use some props now and again. But there’s no need to reach for libido-enhancing pills or weird contraptions (que miedo!), you can kick things up a notch by introducing some delicious treats to your foreplay repertoire. Certain foods are known for boosting your sex drive. From Casanova to Cleopatra, many have sworn by the aphrodisiac properties of the following sexy nibbles:

  • Maca: this Andean root has been used for centuries in Peru to enhance libido and stamina, so hurry and whip up a Maca smoothie for your man, pronto.
  • Cacao: chocolate can set any woman’s heart racing, but the real stuff is said to be a stimulant for women’s libido. Especially if it’s being licked off your body…
  • Chiles: The endorphins they cause your body to release will ensure a muy picante encounter with your man.
  • Oysters: one of the classic aphrodisiacs of all time. They may be slimy and cold, but there’s gotta be something to them. Maybe it’s the sucking?
  • Guava: who knew? Bocadillos for everyone!
  • Avocados: apparently during colonial times they were forbidden by Spanish Catholic priests because they found them to be obscenely sexy. Forbidden fruit? Yes, please!

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