Cheek’d: Reverse Online Dating

Mar 29, 12 Cheek’d: Reverse Online Dating

You’re a modern chica who has gone after what you wanted in life like your stellar career and your loft with the fabulous view, but when it comes to relationships, you’re a little more traditional, like un cafecito in un jarro Mexicano. This online dating thing you took a stab at just isn’t working for you. Losers pile up in your inbox like day old Spam.

Well, I have something just for you mujer. It’s called Cheek’d. To put it simply, it’s basically reverse online dating. It’s the perfect hybrid of going after what you want, and letting the man do the chasing like a hungry lion on it’s next meal. Because, let’s face it, men are hunters. You drop a moose carcass (aka overzealous, needy, love-me-now, buxom blond bombshell) in front of them, and they won’t touch it, er, her. Give them mystery. Give them intrigue. And let them circle in for the kill.

Once you sign up, you get a deck of 50 sexy, black business cards, including 43 with “unique” sayings that read like half-formed pick-up lines like, “Act natural. We can get awkward later.” and “I just put all my drinks on your tab”. You’ve got your eye on a piece of man candy? Discreetly slip him a card like you’re some sexy secret agent. Each card has a code for the papi chulo of your choice to punch in on the Cheek’d website to get your information to talk, and potentially, meet up with you. And voila! The rest is magic and a year down the line you’re making bouncing babies and warming biberónes at 2:36 AM. Just what you want, chica, cierto?

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