Chase The Sniffles Away With Elderberries

Jan 20, 11 Chase The Sniffles Away With Elderberries

If your sobrinos – or you yourself, ain’t no shame in it chica - are Harry Potter fans, you’ll know that elder trees feature prominently in the last novel as the material from which the most powerful wand in the world is made. It’s no coincidence as elder trees have long been reputed to be the favorite trees of witches. Maybe it’s because its berries have near-magical curative properties that have been revered for centuries. Long regarded as a folk remedy, there is now scientific proof that elderberries make an excellent cold and flu medicine. The extract from black elderberries is called Sambucol, and when consumed it significantly relieves fever, muscle aches, sore throat, coughing and inflammation within 24-48 hours. If you prefer to go the abuelita route, you can prepare a hot tea from elderberry juice or flowers and mix it with lemon and honey – think of it as your new aguapanela. Elderberries substantially shorten the duration of a bout of flu, so you can get back to movin’ and shakin’ in no time. It’s almost as good as waving a magic wand over your cold and declaring it “finito”!

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