Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

03/20/12 Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

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Watching your novio do the laundry is hot right? What? He doesn’t do it! Send your man packing out the door along with his dirty laundry. Ok, you love him too much to do that? Have him read this exclusive interview with heartthrob, JenCarlos Canela, who is the Hispanic spokesperson for the new Tide Pods laundry detergent and...

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Your Blood: The New Anti-Aging Treatment

Forget Botox and Restylane injections. There’s a new kid in town when it comes to staying young and drop-dead gorgeous. Even though it’s a new trend in the beauty industry to attain eternal youth, it that has been used successfully for over 20 years in generating new cartilage. The elixir of life? Perhaps. But...

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Coupon Closet: The Concierge Coupon App

03/14/12 Coupon Closet: The Concierge Coupon App

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Ay, chica. You swore up and down you’d only window shop with the girls, but once you saw that hot, tomato red spring dress, you got all weak in the knees. And you just needed a pair of beige Michael Kors platforms to go with them. And some gold bangles.  All at full price.  Adios, will power. Hello rotating credit card...

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Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

03/13/12 Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

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Aaah. I can smell it now. The buttered, air-popped popcorn; warm and wispy clouds of baby blue cotton candy and fresh elephant poop. Mmm hmm! Those are the sweet smells of a the Greatest Show on Earth. It’s enough to make a full grown woman get all loca loca loca with excitement. Like when you found that Marc Jacob’s...

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Jump for SoyJoy

03/13/12 Jump for SoyJoy

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Yep. Just yesterday you were writing New Year’s resolutions. And today, you’re breaking them. But no worries, chica. We didn’t forget your promise to a healthier and sexier you, starting with what you put in your mouth. You know what your Mamita always said, you are what you eat. Hmm. Does that mean I’m...

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The Cosmetics Cop: Paula Begoun

03/12/12 The Cosmetics Cop: Paula Begoun

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What hurts more? Getting cheated by your two-timing novio or getting cheated out of your hard earned money on beauty products that didn’t live up to its promises? Tough question. There should be law enforcements out on both areas. Fortunately, there is a cop for one of them. Paula Begoun, better known as The Cosmetics Cop, has...

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