The Best Veggies For Protein

04/24/12 The Best Veggies For Protein

Posted in Nutrition

If you are what you eat, then, let’s face it chica, you’re one big, fried empanada with a side of  about a dozen Chalupas. And then you ask why you’ve been feeling sluggish all week. Give your system a good kick in the pants and go vegetarian for a week. Worried about not getting enough protein? No worries....

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The Ugly Truth on Finding Love

04/12/12 The Ugly Truth on Finding Love

Posted in Dating

In the movie, The Ugly Truth, one of the main characters said if you want to attract someone the answer is “called a Stairmaster. Get on it. Nobody falls in love with your personality at first sight”. Rude? Si Señorita. Una mentira? Not entirely. According to a program on the Discovery Channel, we’re attracted to people...

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OMG: The 3-Hour Diet

04/09/12 OMG: The 3-Hour Diet

Posted in Fitness

Bikini season is closer than you think. Every hottie with a six pack will be looking you up and down at the beach this summer. But, esos criticones will have nothing to say after you follow the advice of Latino weight loss guru, Jorge Cruise. He’s taken the USA by storm with his book, The 3-Hour Diet. Don’t let the...

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Lemons to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains

04/02/12 Lemons to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains

Posted in Cleaning

Caray! You made the most amazing Enchiladas Rojas for your hombre last night, but your gorgeous spring dress now looks like a red-eyed cyclops. And your cutting board has red streaks that looks like it was murdered in cold blood. What were you doing, chica? Reenacting Scarface? Mexican food fight? I won’t ask. The reason...

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Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

03/20/12 Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

Posted in Cleaning, [Featured], [Slideshow]

Watching your novio do the laundry is hot right? What? He doesn’t do it! Send your man packing out the door along with his dirty laundry. Ok, you love him too much to do that? Have him read this exclusive interview with heartthrob, JenCarlos Canela, who is the Hispanic spokesperson for the new Tide Pods laundry detergent and...

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Jump for SoyJoy

03/13/12 Jump for SoyJoy

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Yep. Just yesterday you were writing New Year’s resolutions. And today, you’re breaking them. But no worries, chica. We didn’t forget your promise to a healthier and sexier you, starting with what you put in your mouth. You know what your Mamita always said, you are what you eat. Hmm. Does that mean I’m...

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